Mar 13

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  • clmnlab
    Apr 14

    제목: 1. Beyond Functional Connectivity: Investigating Networks of Multivariate Representations 2. Informational connectivity: identifying synchronized discriminability of multi-voxel patterns across the brain 저널: 1. Trends in Cognitive Sciences (2018) 2. Frontiers in human neuroscience (2013) 저자: 1. Stefano Anzellotti and Marc N. Coutanche 2. Coutanche and Thompson-Schill
  • clmnlab
    Mar 8

    lab meeting topic: Hidden-target search project
  • clmnlab
    Mar 6

    제목: Hexadirectional coding of visual space in human entorhinal cortex 저널: Nature Neuroscience 저자: Matthias Nau, Tobias Navarro Schröder, Jacob L. S. Bellmund, and Christian F. Doeller