We are hiring!

Multiple positions are available for research assistant, graduate students, and post-docs at any level of experience.

Please send your CV to sung.kim3@northwestern.edu

Salary is comparable to National Institute of Health (USA) guideline and commensurate with previous research experience.

Sep/14/2017: New Researchers Join Lab

Kyusung Lim and Heeae Kim join the lab. Welcome to CLMN lab!

Homepage of Computational Learning & Memory for Neuroscience Lab has launched

Sungshin Kim will start CLMN Lab in the Center for Neuroimaging Research located in Sungkyunkwan University.

Sungshin Kim was selected as one of seven recipients of Young Scientists Fellowship, funded by Korean government.

Principal investigator, Sungshin Kim is funded by Korean government, as 1st Young Scientist Fellowship (YSF) program starting this September. He is awarded 900 million Korean won (approx. 900,000 US $) for the first 3 years with possible extension up to 5 years (total, 1.5 billion Korean won).